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Spend your extra closed darts grabbing inserts for your team that you may like. Most are for one close, some are for two. Must use closes, not combinations of singles and doubles.

Inserts Claimed so Far: 29

One Insert Per Close
Two Closes if card has ** (asterisks) in the name.


Discontinued this list, I still have plenty of inserts but i needed them on the break table so i can give them away easier when pulled as a prize. if your looking for a team or player just send me a message and i can check what i have on hand, thanks.




You may only have 3 columns of darts active, after 3 columns any new darts for a number with 3 already closed will not count, no prize will cost more than 1 full clear, so be sure to spend your doubles in the second and third row!. Your Darts expire if you are inactive for 6 months. Darts cannot be traded or sold to others.